Little prince of Rajasthan

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Hina Saiyada


Riddhima Paul


Manas Mittal


Rahul Tiwary, Mohammed Aasim, Abhishek Anand, Manendra Singh




Akhil Mittal

Drishti is a carefully curated collection of films which explores the diversity of India.

EPIC Channel, India’s only Hindi language India centric infotainment television channel is renowned for its high-quality original content. The critically acclaimed channel has within its programming bouquet, an eclectic mix of non-fiction content that aspires to imbibe the diversity of India.
Since its launch in 2014, EPIC has consistently displayed an ever-increasing fan base of loyal audiences and is recognised as a destination for original and unique Indian programming on television. The channel is committed to showcasing a regular calendar of commissioned programmes that explore, discover and inspire pride. EPIC is India ka apna infotainment!